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Comeback Story: 'Yuppie' is the Insult Du Jour

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The term "yuppie" hasn't been a meaningful insult since the mid-80's, but the relevance of the term appears to be making a comeback in these heady days of runaway gentrification and real estate development. First, we took notice of the "Die Yuppie Scum" window dressing on the Lower East Side, surely the product of some nostalgia-minded art prankster. Then, a real throwback: an East Village anti-yuppie rager, just like in olden times. And now, because three makes a trend, the latest? a blunt message for our young urban professional friends spotted by New York Shitty in Williamsburg. Folks, Williamsburg. Where trends (trucker hats, high-wasted pants, jazz shoes, beards) are cemented! So, that's the Lower East Side, East Village and the 'Burg. Now, if only someone could send us a cam-phone shot of yuppie-themed graffiti inside the McKibbin Lofts, then we can begin our preparations for the corresponding line of Urban Outfitters t-shirts.
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