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Shocker: 40 Apartments at 110 Livingston Went Nondo

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At one time, 110 Livingston Street?Two Trees Management's condo conversion (plus glassy addition) to the old Board of Education building designed by McKim, Mead & White and built in 1926?was the hottest project in Downtown Brooklyn, and perhaps all of Brooklyn. The 300-unit building was a bona fide phenomenon, becoming the most commented upon topic in Curbed history and launching DoBro into a new stratosphere of high expectations. But buried in a Times story yesterday about Brooklyn developers turning Manhattan-style luxury condos into Manhattan-style luxury rentals, a stunning reveal: Two Trees ended up renting out 40 units at 110 Livingston. By our advanced calculations, that's over 10% of the building! Now, we knew that some apartments went rental, and when those embarrassing subway ads went up, we knew it was probably more than the initially announced crop of six. But ... 40? What happened to the pre-release interest list of over 1,800 names? Why, when the building "sold out," did a Two Trees rep tell the Brooklyn Eagle, "It's done. It's completely sold out. We sold 300 units in 11 months." Two Trees is making solid bank off the rentals, sure, but we hate it when young phenoms don't live up to their potential. Wake us when the Real World hits the 'hood.
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110 Livingston

110 Livingston St, Brooklyn, NY 11201