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Officials Want a 'New Structure' to Govern Atlantic Yards

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There's a new effort coming to "reform the governance of Atlantic Yards," and it kicked off with a rally at City Hall this morning. The $4 billion project, which may be stalled or in fine shape depending on who is assessing its health, is overseen by the Empire State Development Corporation and pretty much beyond the control of New York City. It covers 22 acres and would be a massive construction project stretching over more than a decade. The officials want to create an Atlantic Yards Trust made up of state and city officials to "oversee" the project and a Stakeholders Council of local residents appointed by local elected officials to advise the trust and "provide meaningful community input." The change would have to be approved in Albany. There is an ombudsman appointed by the Empire State Development Corp. overseeing the project. All approvals were handled at the state level.
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