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N. 12 St. Burg Boom Reaches 500 Apartments & Hotel Rooms

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Make that four buildings currently under development on N. 12 Street between Bedford Avenue and Berry Street. The N. 12 Street Boom starts with the big Karl Fischer with 180 units under development at N. 12 & Bedford on the (possibly toxic) former Bedford Ave. parking lot. (Which outside the frame of the photo above.) It continues up N. 12 Street to a big Gene Kaufman project combing an 70-room hotel and 60 apartments. Meanwhile, a brand new building has gotten underway at N. 12 and Berry, which will be seven stories with 39 units. Rounding out the this group of buildings is the Perkins Eastman rental development with 142 units at 40 Berry, which has displaced artists. All together, that's about 500 new apartments and hotel rooms in less than two blocks next to McCarren Park.
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