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On the Racked: Ikea Madness Special Edition

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And now the latest from Racked, covering retail from the sidewalks up.

In case anyone's missed it, the biggest retail happening in New York City history (well, a big Brooklyn thing) is happening tomorrow when Ikea officially opens its doors at 9AM on Beard Street in Red Hook. Racked is everywhere:

1) Racked's Ikea camper Adam Robb has been filing fascinating reports about the opening from the Coming of the Danish to the Windstorm Situation and the Grim Crapper Situation to the Arrival of the Media Hordes. Or, simply click here to get every Camper's Diary dispatch to date.

2) The Zip Cars will be getting special treatment down at the Erie Basin.

3) In a sneak Ikea attack, take out pies from Dumbo's Front Street Pizza have been coming in an Ikea box, which may or may not have something to do with the fact that West Elm and BoConcept are neighbors.

4) The Ikea Shuttles running to Ikea Plaza are really big tour bus-sized vehicles.