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Central Park Hits Up This 'Washington Heights' Place for Cash

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In terms of cultural cachet, Washington Heights has never been hotter. The Broadway musical based on life in the neighborhood, In The Heights, just won the Tony for Best Musical (right). Vampire Weekend, a band popular with the kids, namechecked the 'hood in their recent single, "A-Punk." Yes indeed, the residents of Manhattan's northern hinterlands must be flying high with community pride, which makes it a perfect time for the Central Park Conservancy to ask them for money. The Gay Recluse, a Heights resident, received a letter that goes:

I imagine you treasure Central Park for the oasis that it is, particularly because you live nearby in the Washington Heights area... And since you live so close to the Park, I’m hoping you’ll do your part to support the Central Park Conservancy so that we can continue to keep Central Park clean and beautiful.

When you send a gift to the Conservancy, you will be affirming that Central Park matters to you?that as a member of the Washington Heights community, you are doing your part to help preserve this urban sanctuary.

Sure, it reads like a form letter with Washington Heights plugged into the [insert neighborhood here] field, but The Gay Recluse was not amused.

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