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CurbedWire: Henry Miller Theater Facade is Back, City Celebrates First Willets Point Deal

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TIMES SQUARE?The facade of the Henry Miller Theater on W. 43 Street is seeing the light of day again with the removal of protective steel supports. The tipster who sent the photo notes that "the facade was one of the only things preserved on that block." [CurbedWire Inbox]

WILLETS POINT?It's hard to say whether it's a sign of confidence or an omen of just how bad things are with the embattled $3 billion plan to remake the Iron Triangle, but the NY Economic Development Corp. sent out a press release this afternoon noting that it had reached an agreement with two landowners in the area, one of which controls 52,000 square feet of land and other which owns 22,000 square feet. The deals, NYEDC's presidents says "provide tangible evidence that we will make good on our promise to achieve fair, negotiated deals with as many businesses and owners as possible in connection with the Willets Point redevelopment." So, that makes 74,000 square feet of land down and 2,583,160 to go. [CurbedWire Inbox]