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"In the next year, we will see The Beaver House, The Setai, 20 Pine, 90 William, 99 John, 45 John, The District, 20 Exchange, 75 Wall, 95 Wall, 15 Cliff all come on board in addition to over 1,000 hotel rooms. These new residents don't want Pier 17. The want more like what we now see on Front and Peck. Between 2-3 years we'll see the 900 unit Beekman Tower, The W Residences, The Nobu Tower, 40 Gold, 25 Broad, 50 West Street and several thousand more hotel rooms. The makeover of the Seaport is part of the radical transformation of FiDi into one of New York's greatest neighborhoods." [Proposed New South Street Seaport Fully Revealed]