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Lil' Shvo

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A Curbed tipster writes in with an update on Jared Seligman?Olsen twins broker, Corcoran rookie of the year, BlackBerry enthusiast: "I live at 184 Thompson Street and we had our annual owners meeting last night. Apparently 'broker to the stars' Jared Seligman lives in my building. He ran for the board last night. Don't know if he won as they have not announced it yet, but didn't he claim in an interview that he lived in Soho?" Not quite. The W article that launched Seligman onto our radar mentioned "the SoHo one-bedroom that he bought last year and has decorated with a zebra rug and cashmere throws," but that is probably the magazine's fault. So, Lil' Shvo resides in NYUville? The plot thickens. [CurbedWire Inbox]