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City Sets Its Sights on 'Refurbishing' SoBro

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[Photo courtesy of Payton Chung/flickr]

Now that the onslaught of Red Hook news has abated somewhat, we turn our attention to the South Bronx, not for more about pornographic art, but for a little something about a massive redevelopment strategy the city announced yesterday. Of course, depending on one's perspective this could be something that instills deep fear as opposed to encouraging cheer. The "South Bronx Initiative" includes projects and plans for Melrose Commons/Third Avenue, the Bronx Civic Center and the lower Grand Concourse. Plans include a "major rezoning to encourage more high-density development," mapping a new public park along the Harlem River and developing city-owned for housing and retail. Initial spending is $100M-$200M, not counting $174M in spending related to work around Yankee Stadium and the Bronx Terminal Market. The goal is 7,700 housing units, 3.5 million square feet of commercial and retail space, 500,000 square feet of hotel and conference space and 20 acres of parkland. One official calls it "refurbishing the entire South Bronx," which makes us think they'll go down to Ikea with a convoy of trucks for Ektorp sofas.
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