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Wolfe's Howl: Predict the Future, Foster!

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Earlier, we mentioned that developer Aby Rosen once again headed to the Landmarks Preservation Commission with a Lord Norman Foster-designed plan for 980 Madison Avenue tucked under his arm. Last time around, Foster's glassy residential addition to the former Parke-Bernet Galleries was shot down amidst an outbreak of rage from Upper East Side neighbors. This time around, a four-story bronze-wrapped addition was greeted more kindly. But not by novelist Tom Wolfe who spoke out vehemently against Foster's design the first time around. Wolfe also led the last-ditch effort to landmark 2 Columbus Circle before it was turned into a giant stereo. At yesterday's hearing, the dapper Upper East Sider testified:

"980 Madison is in the heart of the Upper East Side historic district and it does not need this additional structure. The district has been treated as a specifically landmarked area," Mr. Wolfe said in his testimony. "I think it is incumbent upon the developers to ask Mr. Foster to roam through the great archives of architectural history, or architectural future, and come up with something that has more meaning with the Upper East Side."Well, if buildings could be made entirely out of cashmere, then Lord Norm would be set.
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980 Madison Avenue

980 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10021