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Proposed New South Street Seaport Fully Revealed

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Well, that didn't take long. The same morning the Times reveals General Growth Properties' mixed-use plan for the redevelopment of the South Street Seaport, the developer has launched a comprehensive website detailing the specifics of its massive proposal. And there are renderings galore of SHoP Architects' designs?the hotels, retail spaces, open plazas and, most importantly,the 42-story apartment/hotel tower. Current zoning allows only buildings up to 350 feet in height, and this baby is pegged for 495 feet. Those who assume that the hellishness of the current Seaport means this proposal will sail through the approval process are sorely mistaken. One neighbor tells us, "The Times failed to mention massive standing-room-only opposition when the project was presented to the Seaport Committee of Community Board 1." Prepare the battleships!
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