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PriceSpotter Big Reveal: Red Hook, Summer 2008

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Location: 213 Van Brunt Street
Asking: $975,000

So, some furniture and meatball depot opened in Red Hook yesterday, and as far as we know the neighborhood is still standing (though, has anyone checked?). If Red Hook lasts, it's predicted that prices will surge in the next few years, which is why we wanted to take a look at what the housing stock is currently going for. A time capsule, if you will. This cute little townhouse may not be on the "better" side of Red Hook's Main Street, but it looks to be priced as such. Not surprisingly, many guesses were low, but there were a few who went with prices over $1 million (give it time, folks). The only correct response was someone who cheated. Red Hook, everyone: catch the fever! Brown Harris Stevens certainly has. What are those fancypantses doing in this 'hood?
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