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Columbia's 'Crushing Fist of Gentrification'

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The corner of Broadway and 134th Street is the intersection of many things?call it Manhattanville, West Harlem, etc.?and now it's sad. Very, very sad. All those shutters! A Curbed tipster, the same one who alerted us to some lot clearing in the 'hood not long ago, sent us this neighborhood update, titled "Crushing Fist of Gentrification":

So a week or so ago I sent an email about a lot being cleared with a backhoe and a fence on 133rd street between Broadway and Amsterdam. Still no idea what it is but they're still going at it. Now El Mundo, a Hispanic Wal-Mart of sorts, was shuttered at 134 and Broadway by the city for being 'perilous to human life,' but oddly enough Columbia owns the lease on it. Nothing says gentrification more than having your building deemed unsafe so it has to be knocked down so a brand new shiny one can be put in its place!
Well, like they say, you gotta break a few Hispanic Wal-Marts to make an omelette.
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UPDATE: Get this, in a shocking twist, this property is actually owned by Nick Sprayregen, the area's second-largest landowner and the most vocal Columbia opponent. His storage company is listed on the vacate order.