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And Now, a Coney Island 'Mermaid Hunger Strike'

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Thought the Mermaid Parade this year was just going to be about people in costume and/or wearing very little at all? Not a chance, given the ongoing Coney Island redevelopment controversy. And so, this year's Queen Mermaid, Savitri D, (King Neptune is the Rev. Billy) is going to be, well, going on a mini-hunger strike after the parade to protest the redevelopment plan. Per an announcement on the Coney Island Message Board, "it is our freaky-monarchial DUTY to use this power to SAVE Coney Island from the gentrifying apocalypse of RETAIL ENTERTAINMENT HELL!" The Queen Mermaid is also going to be living in a window on Surf Ave and West 12th from the Mermaid Ball until a meeting about the revised Coney plan on June 24. Per the announcement: "She is fasting to draw attention to a destructive scheme to reduce 60 acres of amusements to 9. She is fasting so YOU will come to this meeting, where the fate of Coney Island may be determined." Oh, and there will be a Live Mermaid Cam starting Sunday at 10AM. Last year's event had some redevelopment color commentary too.
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