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Waterfall Wire: Is Brooklyn Heights Eliasson a Slacker?

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The Olafur Eliasson waterfall beneath the Promenade in Brooklyn Heights has been much photographed during its test turn on and many people have noticed that, uh, the water doesn't seem to be falling straight down. In fact, at times yesterday, it was blowing seriously to the north. That's not a problem in terms of spray for anyone but the people working on the demolition of warehouses on Brooklyn Bridge Park land (and people driving on the BQE...roll up those windows or enjoy that fine mist), but it could be an issue in terms of aesthetics. The reader that sent the photo above with the subject line: "Bklyn Hghts Waterfall + Wind = Your Slip is Showing." He wrote: "This one was during rather windy conditions. I hope this was a low-flow test as the effect didn't seem very impressive..." Some first-hand observers note this particular waterfall looks better in person than in photos. On the other hand, these photos are showing a lot of water curvature too. Surely, they tested water behavior under waterfront wind conditions. Uh, right, Olafur?
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