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New Upscale, Hipster Greenpoint's Not Winning Everyone Over

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Today's Post surveys the scene in Greenpoint and finds the sounds of gentrification and hipsterfication getting louder. First, there are the condos, from the Viridian on Green Street ($800K three bedrooms and cabanas on the roof) to Robert Scarano's Manhattan Park (prices up to $1K per square foot across the street from Enid's near McCarren Park). The G Train is credited for keeping prices lower than in Williamsburg, but Max Gross concludes that "Greenpointers are, as of now, on notice: This might not be a remote little village for much longer." Which leads us to the other Greenpoint story in today's Post, which is about Studio B and residents complaining that the neighborhood is getting a little too much like Williamsburg and the Lower East Side. Per this story, which notes the ongoing battle between Studio B and residents pissed off about noise and people puking on the street: "In particular, once sleepy Franklin Street has started to resemble a miniature Bedford Avenue." Case closed.
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