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Curbed PriceChopper: Chelsea Stratus Wants This Over With

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Then: $2,865,000
Now: $2,675,000
You Save!: $190,000!

The Chelsea Stratus, the very tall and therefore very terrifying new condo building at Sixth Avenue and West 24th Street, is having a clearance sale of sorts. Only eight units in the building remain unsold, according to StreetEasy, a mix of higher-floor luxury (including two penthouses) and some lower floor 1BRs. Half of those remaining units just got trimmed. The biggest chop being Penthouse 2A, a 1,570sqft two-bedroom whose new asking price you see above. A 2BR on the 30th floor took a $170,000 dive, and the smaller units were trimmed by $50k and $30k. If the developers really want to be done with the building, might we suggest a buy-one-get-one-free strategy?
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