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Invasion of the Viridians: Magic's Greenpoint Condo Hits Market

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They're here. Units at Magic Johnson's Greenpoint Condo, the Viridian, aka 110 Green Street, are hitting the market. Listings have gone up showing the Viridians priced from $458,000 for the smallest 640 square foot unit up to $825,000 for a 1,267 square foot three-bedroom job. A few renderings have been added to the Viridian site, and the building, as we noted, was bannered a couple of weeks ago. Those who follow the amenity competition between buildings, will note the Viridian has both a putting green on the roof and "virtual golf" indoors, building wifi, an indoor pool and a reflecting pool in the courtyard. No basketball, though, and there's no indication the Viridian units say "Take me to your leader."
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