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McStarck Shows Itself: I'm Lovin' It?

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In what has to be the only anticipated McDonald's signage reveal in this site's history, the promised McDonald's in the Gramercy by Starck luxury condo building has announced itself to eastern ends of 23rd Street. Remarks our phototipster: "I am sure it will help sell those last penthouses." Such derision! Personally, we think this actually presents a huge opportunity for both McDonald's and building designer Philippe Starck. Shouldn't the two have collaborated on the design, in some sort of highbrow-meets-lowbrow McNuggetfest of insanity? The signage does look a little different from the typical Mickey D's aesthetic, but we guess the golden arches could be on their way in the back of some flatbed. One thing's for sure: that party should definitely have been catered by the Hamburglar.
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