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Construction Watch: Beekman Tower, While It's Short

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On Friday, in the wake of the Upper East Side crane collapse and all its accompanying coverage, developer Forest City Ratner and starchitect Frank Gehry officially unveiled the 76-story Beekman Tower, the Financial District luxury rental building made of wavy steel and a six-story brick base. It's purty. However, given the building's massiveosity (the occasion calls for made-up words, we think), a lot of residents of this portion of the upper FiDi, just east of City Hall, stand to get their views and sunlight messed with. Over the weekend, we received these shots from a Curbed tipster in proximity of Gehry's rapidly rising piece of crinkled metal. His take on the building's neighborhood impact: "Love what it's going to do to the retail/restaurant scene, hate what it's doing to my view." Many locals probably share that take. The good news is that the building has room for all of them!
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8 Spruce Street

8 Spruce Street, New York, NY 10038