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Dark Horse Candidate Belltel Lofts Wins Real World BK Stakes

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Sorry, Williamsburg, you're not hip enough or cool enough and you certainly don't have a space good enough to serve as the set of Real World BK. Even though rumors were being floated as late as Friday that the Belltel Lofts in Downtown Brooklyn was too small, the producers are bringing the show to the building, which beat out 24 other locations. The winner is a $6 million, two-story penthouse. There will be two terraces, five bedrooms and 10-foot windows. "A Jacuzzi and other amenities are also on the way," but there will be "safegaurds in place to make sure the reality show's stable of rowdies don't irritate the 100 families who call Belltel home in real life." And there won't be any shooting in the gym or other building common areas. The developer David Bistricer, was on the losing end of a bid to buy Starrett City last year. The real question, though, is will there be conflict with the building's budding Stroller Mafia?
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