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Warning: Chelsea's London Terrace Will Steal Your Doormat

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A Curbed reader sent this e-mail for "Ask Curbed" consideration, but folks, this issue runs much much deeper than queries regarding fire codes. Rose Associates, now in charge of Chelsea's massive London Terrace Gardens rental development that takes up a full city block, is stealing tenants' doormats. At first, the charges were made slightly offhand, but now the situation is clear:

I am a current resident of London Terrace (24th Street) and I'm sure this has come up before, but the building has a *serious* grudge against doormats. When I first moved in 2 years ago, my spouse and I purchased a beautiful (read: expensive) doormat to celebrate our own place (we had roommates before) and all was fine and well....until one day, the doormat was gone. We asked the building rental office and concierge if they knew anything about it, or if they could look into it?security cameras and whatnot?and it sort of died there. They shrugged a lot and played dumb. A few weeks later, all residents received a flyer regarding doormats and their evil ways, with a threat that if any residents placed a doormat down, they would be removed. Then comes winter?lots of grubby crap and snow and salt on shoes. We bought a PAPER THIN doormat, a cheapie. All was fine until a month ago when it was stolen, again, by the building. This time they took our neighbor's pricey doormat as well (last time we were the only victim). Last night we received a letter claiming that the building has the doormat and we can retrieve it, but placing a doormat outside a door violates fire codes and annoys the neighbors, and we are essentially "occupying space we don't rent", i.e. the hallway. Personally, I think the building staff doesn't like to move the doormats when they mop the floor as they are too lazy to even open the front door when you have armloads of groceries. Is this at all legit, this fire-code crap?We'll try to get Fire Marshall Bill on the line, but until then, may we suggest not buying any more doormats?
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