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More Black Gold in Williamsburg: 40 Berry Street Oil Field

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When we wrote about the N. 12 Street Boom the other day, we didn't know that it would involve a major oil strike, but here we are. A bunch of photos landed in our inbox a while ago with the subject line "Oil Spill on 40 Berry Street." Fans of Williamsburg development will recognize the address as the site of a big new luxe rental building being designed by Perkins Eastman. Per the email that came with the pics of the oily mess:

There are at least 8 tanks being removed. Oil has leaked into the surrounding soil. People in neighboring buildings are complaining of headaches. In one building across from the site there are 5 children ranging in age, from 5 weeks to seven years old. We are nervous about health issues related to the rapid excavation of several contaminated sites on the Northside.
There are many, many development sites in the surrounding area, many of them with, uh, environmental issues that may bubble to the surface. On the bright side, with oil around $140 a barrel, there is some serious money in those photos.
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