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Development Du Jour: East 120th Street Townhouses

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Location: 330-334 East 120th Street btwn First/Second Avenues
Size: Three four-story townhouses, each with an owner's duplex and two rental apartments
Prices: $1.6 million, $1.695 million and $1.825 million
Architect: Danois Architects
Developer: Briarwood Organization
Sales & Marketing: Briarwood Properties

All the big-box retail talk this week has been about how Ikea will affect Red Hook, but what if we told you an even larger retail project is being plopped down into another underdeveloped area ... in Manhattan! It's happening in East Harlem, or Spanish Harlem or El Barrio if you prefer, with the megamall known as East River Plaza. How will the 485,000-square-foot monster along the FDR at 116th Street affect development? Here's the first indication. On a lot that sat vacant for 15 years, a trio of 3,900-square-foot three-family townhouses are popping up, with prices starting at $1.6 million. The property sizes vary slightly, but each home contains a 3BR, 2.5BA owner's duplex with a private backyard, and two 2BR, 1BA apartments for renting. The most expensive of the three amigos includes an 8' side yard. No interior renderings, unfortunately, but we have photos of construction progress as well as a complete floorplan breakdown. So, new houses by the mall? SpaHa has gone suburban!

Target East River Plaza

517 East 117th Street, New York, New York 10035 212-835-0860 Visit Website