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Burg & Brooklyn Heights Getting Their Own Summer Streets?

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Brooklyn was conspicuously not a part of the Summer Streets plan announced earlier this week, but it looks like Williamsburg and Brooklyn Heights are getting their own mini-Summer Streets. In the Burg, Bedford Avenue is probably going car-free for several Saturdays in July, starting July 19, according to Brooklyn 11211. The Williamsburg Walks, which will be on Bedford Avenue (where else?) from N. 3 to N. 9 Streets "looks as if it is going to happen." Meanwhile, the Brooklyn Paper reports Montague Street will be going pedestrian only for three Sundays in July from the Brooklyn Promenade to Clinton Street. In Brooklyn Heights, they'll be putting out cafe tables and a fake lawn. Maybe some tagged up, burned out cars surrounded by cafe-like seating would work on Bedford? So, like, where's yours Park Slope, and car-free Prospect Park doesn't count?
· Williamsburg Walks [Brooklyn 11211]
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