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Cure for the Common Billboard: Sky Gardens!

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Advertecture, the MeatBoard, whatever the hell this crazy thing is?yes, ad creep is everywhere, but the folks at TODO Design and DAS Studio have come up with an ingenious idea for taking the skyline back. No, not by removing the billboards, but by greening them up! Inhabitat has a good rundown of this very cool "Garden Spots" proposal, which recently took first place in the International Design Awards' Land and Sea Competition. Inhabitat writes:

Unlike the inhabitable buildings which comprise the New York City skyline, the structural silhouettes of commercial billboards populate the city’s horizon, indifferent to any use other than transmitting paid advertisements. The creative teams at TODO and Das proposed to make use of these otherwise barren structural resources by seeding them with oxygen-producing, solar-powered, local flora and fauna — making the local landscape a bit friendlier and greener for us all. We're in! Can we start with that horribly dated and always malfunctioning Sony PSP billboard at Houston and Lafayette?

· GARDEN SPOTS: Renegade air gardening for NYC [Inhabitat]