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Week in Review: Red Hook Goes Blue and Yellow, South Street Seaport Plan, Waterfalls Turned On, More

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As Saturday gets underway, check out a selection of some of the top stories on Curbed this week.

1) Red Hook: What's big and blue and yellow and open and drawing crowds to this once deserted corner of Brooklyn?

2) FiDi: The South Street Seaport plans were revealed and there were many strong opinions about the vision.

3) Everywhere: When the show was over, the Rent Guidelines Board settled on the biggest rent increases since 1989. Tenants were not happy.

4) Manhattan, Brooklyn & Governor's Island: A week before they're switched on, Olafur Eliasson's waterfalls were tested and photographed.

5) Williamsburg: We hate when this stuff happens. On the other hand, is there money in finding this much oil when excavating for the luxe rental building?

6) Harlem: Does the "Crushing Fist of Gentrification" belong to Columbia?

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