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CurbedWire: Soho Mews Speaks in Many Tongues, Atlantic Yards Supporters React

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SOHO?Earlier today, we noted that Soho Mews is now looking abroad for buyers. So, it's no surprise that its website is now multilingual. Per a tipster: "The Soho Mews website now comes in English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and what appears to be Korean and Chinese. Also, included is a schedule of upcoming Soho Mews-sponsored cocktail parties in Milan and Rome. Looks like the new marketing strategy has the developers pulling out all the stops to get the international money. Very interesting. Is Soho Mews in trouble?" Well, it's definitely speaking many languages. [CurbedWire Inbox]

PROSPECT HEIGHTS?There has been some reaction today from Atlantic Yards biggest supporters to the Supreme Court decision not to hear the eminent domain appeal brought by opponents. From developer Bruce Ratner: '“We believe, and the courts have repeatedly agreed, that Atlantic Yards provides significant public benefits, including thousands of affordable homes and much needed jobs for Brooklyn. We are gratified that the Supreme Court has decided to put an end to this lawsuit. The opponents have now lost 20 court decisions relating to Atlantic Yards..." From Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz: "“The U.S. Supreme Court has correctly and wisely chosen not to hear the appeal from the lower court, thereby affirming the public benefits of the Atlantic Yards project for Brooklyn...This is a major victory for the futures of Brooklyn and New York City.” [CurbedWire Inbox]