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Construction Watch: Waiting on Harlem Park

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As Property Grunt is quick to point out, Harlem Park?the game-changing office tower being developed by Vornado at 125th Street and Park Avenue?was supposed to break ground in April. And back in March, we noted some activity on the site. But Property Grunt checked out the land that will one day hold Harlem's Box (now the Batter's Box, we guess), and there ain't a backhoe or surly cat-calling construction crew in sight. So what gives? PropGrunt runs through a bunch of theories, including that Vornado is getting cold feet, but the holdup is probably related to the zoning variances that still need to be hammered out for this 330-foot oddity to get the green light. Still, for a project that's supposed to spur a new wave of commercial development in Harlem as Midtown office rents keep going up, Harlem Park sure is making us sweat a little.
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