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Soho Mews' World Tour

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Soho Mews, which we'll go out on a limb and call the most expensive and pedigreed new development that no one is talking about, is looking abroad for buyers. From a press release: "As part of this ongoing cultural exchange, executives from Corcoran Sunshine Marketing Group, the exclusive marketing and sales agent for Soho Mews, are visiting some of Europe’s most fashionable cities to provide insight about the flourishing real estate market in Lower Manhattan and its most cosmopolitan district, Soho. In collaboration with Domus Realty, on June 26th, Soho Mews will launch a summer international tour with an intimate cocktail reception for leading agents and prospective buyers at the Just Cavalli Café in Milan followed by a second event at the Hotel de Russie in Rome on June 30th." [BusinessWire]