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Another Day, Another Fourth Avenue Gowanus Rendering

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There are two schools of new buildings on the boom Fourth Avenue corridor with the bricked out Novo Park Slope look being at one end and the new Karl Fischer revealed recently being at the other. The new building, which will be going up at Fourth Avenue and Eighth Street (formal address 202 8th St.) definitely falls into the latter category. It will actually be good friends with the Argyle, which is under construction. It comes from DJ Associates and will clock in with 12 stories and 43 apartments. Our tipster says the plans "show underground parking, gym/lounge on 1st floor, and two large outdoor garden spaces. they already poured a piece of the foundation so they have 421a," meaning buyers will still get a big property tax break. Brownstoner had an earlier, even glassier, version of the building a while back.
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