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Curbed PriceChopper: Sticker Shock Near City Hall

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Then: $2,250,000
Now: $2,195,000
You Save!: $55,000!

Crisis: You're listing a condo that has just had a run-in with the chopper, but you've just had a bunch of fliers printed up for the big mailing campaign. Solution: Print the new price on a bunch of stickers to cover up the evidence, and mail away! And as a bonus, when curious homebuyers peel away the sticker they'll see that they are getting a bargain! The apartment in this case of sticker chop is in Tower 270, at the northwest corner of City Hall Park. The flier was received by a Curbed Photo Pool contributor, who notes, "Seems the market is moving so fast that they didn't even have time to print up new fliers!" Hey, at least it's eco-friendly.
· Listing: 270 Broadway [Stribling]
· "Grand Tribeca Living" [Curbed Photo Pool/darrellsilver]