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Arris Lofts Amenities Watch: LIC Takes Pole Position

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While there's nothing new about pole dancing in Long Island City, there is something novel about a stripper pole finding a home in one of the neighborhood's recently completed luxury condo buildings. Our Arris Lofts renter, whose honest take on the Thomson Avenue hot topic set off a spirited comment thread back in February, checked back in to shoot us an update on how life in the building has improved. And improved it has, especially for fans of jiggly bits:

Essentially, no news is good news. Everything is pretty much normal. The issue with lack of hot water has changed. Now, about once or twice a month, we get no COLD water in the shower. It usually goes away in a couple of hours, so it’s no big deal. I hear an occasional dog yap/baby crying/people laughing through the vents, but it’s few and far between. The staff is excellent. Arris still needs a supermarket within walking distance?it’s a borderline deal killer for me to buy a place in this area. Things should get a bit more spicy for the Arris residents shortly... My girlfriend is a pole-dancing instructor, and I have a 15ft dance pole being delivered and installed within the next couple of weeks. Once up, we will be throwing a party for all her students??let’s see how the residents react ... LOL!Our Arris resident swears it's true, even offering to send us pictures when the pole gets installed (and we have requested he do just that, for, uh, evidence). Why put in the effort if you're just renting? Simple, he says: "Who says you can't be a baller and a bitter renter at the same time?" Amen. And what better way to honor the gritty past of Long Island City than by installing a symbol of the local industry in your luxury apartment? Good seats still available!
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Arris Lofts

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