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Drama on High: HL23 Lawsuit Getting Nastier

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The developers behind Highline 519, the 14-story Lindy Roy-designed condo building at 519 West 23rd Street, have responded to fellow developer Alf Naman's lawsuit against them with some legal maneuvering of their own. Quick catch-up: Naman, building the Neil Denari-designed HL23 next door, needs Highline 519's permission to begin serious construction following a little stop work order spat. That permission has been slow to come, and after the developers allegedly tried to get some money out of him, Naman sued them, the building's condo association and the Buildings Department. Naman claims the construction delays are jeopardizing the much-hyped project, endorsed by entities such as the Museum of the City of New York and Kanye West. At a court hearing last week, developers Sleepy Hudson and Highline Park said the placement of HL23's mobile construction crane would endanger Highline 519's residents and harm the building financially. They are seeking to block construction unless the crane can be operated safely, with Highline 519's contractor saying in court documents, "Neither the Department of Buildings nor the courts should permit an admitted law breaker to go forward with his project as if nothing has happened merely because the developer claims that he performed his illegal act in a safe manner." Snippy! The Real Deal got Naman's response: "The crane is entirely on our property. We are not using a tower crane. Basically, there is no reason they should be concerned."
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