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Yes, the Mermaid Coney Redevelopment Hunger Strike Cam

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It's safe to say that the Coney Island "scoping" meeting coming up tomorrow night is the probably the first in the city's history to lead to a (short) hunger strike. By a Mermaid Queen in a window at W. 12 Street and Surf Avenue. And go out live on webcam. (The image above is a screen cap, because the live stream includes sound. Click here for the live stream.) Talk about a way to get attention for an obscure meeting that is an early, and technical, part of the redevelopment process. The Mermaid Queen went on a hunger strike after the Mermaid Parade and Ball on Saturday to protest the revised Coney redevelopment plan, which is bitterly opposed by some in Coney Island. The goal is to draw 1,000 people to the meeting to protest the shrinkage of the amusement district from an original 15 acre proposal to nine acres and to allow hotels up to 30 stories tall on Surf Avenue. Live chat with the Mermaid Queen is available. We're assuming she'll eat after the early evening meeting tomorrow.

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