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On the Racked: Tribeca Whole Foods Gears Up, Another TJ's Rant, Ikea's Cushion Ophelia Vag, More

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And now the latest from Racked, covering retail from the sidewalks up.

1) Tribeca: Racked reports that "The well-oiled gears of the Whole Foods PR machine have started turning faster and faster in anticipation of the grocery chain's Tribeca opening on Wednesday, July 9th." Press releases have gone out about the 101 Warren location, which is second only to Bowery in size.

2) Union Square: Speaking of Manhattan food shopping, some people are peeved about ridiculous lines at Trader Joe's. Like the photo a Racked reader sent of a "75-people-deep LINE just to have the pleasure of shopping in the wide expanse of 14th Street's Trader Joe's."

3) MePa: So, the cast of Hair is going to be selling merchandise and performing on July 9th inside the Theory store at 40 Gansevoort. Is it about selling wrap tops or tickets or simply baffling?

4) Red Hook: Some people go to Ikea and have very dirty interpretations of things like "cushion Ophelia Vag."