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Some Willets Point Venting, Then a Meaningless Vote

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The bitter battle over Willets Point being fougt between the city and local business owners in the so-called "Iron Triangle" is heating up to the point where we've stopped caring about the Mets season entirely, and instead are completely honed in on what's going on next door. Last week, the first two dominoes fell, and the city's Economic Development Corporation predicted that more Willets Point businesses would be selling their land to make way for the big redevelopment. However, the Daily News reports that the resolve of the holdout property owners has been strengthened by the news that some of their comrades have sold out to the city. Against this backdrop, the Land Use subcommittee of Queens' Community Board 7?which lords over Flushing and Willets?met last night to vote on the plan, which certainly seems headed for a lengthy eminent domain battle. A Curbed tipster who apparently loves cramped quarters and chop shops sat in on the proceedings, and sent us the following report on the vote, which was only advisory.

Wild scene last night at the Old Folks Home on Union Street in Flushing. There were 25 CB 7 members packed around a table, each one weirder looking than the next. About 40 people in the audience. The committee spent about 2.5 hours complaining about everything?The plan was only 80% good, there's not enough parking, eminent domain should be allowed by law but maybe not used in this case, the project has no community board oversight in the future, etc. The whole thing seemed doomed, and then came the dramatic vote: 22-3 in favor of the plan. The only people who opposed it were two property owners and the Queens Affordable Housing guy, who the CB chair called bizarre. The committee gives the recommendation to the full board, who then usually follows with a yes.

Also during the proceedings, every committee member's hubcaps were stolen. Coincidence?
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