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Smith-9th St. Station Not Getting F'd After All

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Buried in the news that the MTA is cutting $2.7 billion worth of projects is word that the Smith-9th Street Station in Gowanus and/or Red Hook (depending on one's border definition of choice), which was slated to be closed for renovations for more than a year, won't be getting an overhaul. At least, not until 2010 or whenever the MTA gets around to it. The planned renovation of the Fourth Avenue station, which is one stop down the line, has already been canceled. The delayed closure is good news for people that use the station?and particularly for those who'll use it to catch the new Ikea shuttle?as it's the only stop providing access (sort of) to Red Hook. On the other hand, it's bad news for those that think the station is a little on the vile side. There is no word on the fate of the accompanying Culver Viaduct rehab project. The entire elevated stretch of track between Fourth Avenue in Park Slope and Carroll Street in Carroll Gardens is slated for an overhaul, because it's kind of falling down. Fifteen of the 19 station renovations being axed are in Brooklyn. The others are in the Bronx.
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