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High Line New Renderings Reveal: 18th Street Plaza

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This morning, for the first time since 2005, we were blessed with new images of The High Line. Coming at you now in a series of three posts, a look at what's arriving soon to West Chelsea's elevated rail tracks. Brace, as they say.

It's not part of the official press materials, but a new book distributed at today's High Line press event contains a tantalizing glimpse of something called the 18th Street Plaza. Set between Tenth Avenue and the High Line itself—and currently a parking lot—the plaza features a broad stairwell, open space on ground level, and, most excellently, a cantilevered snack bar straight out of The Jetsons. Per official word, the 18th Street Plaza would be built subsequent to Phase One, pending funding and approvals. Cross your fingers.

Above, a new video flyover of the High Line, courtesy of the High Line Blog. Feel the joy.
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