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High Line New Renderings Reveal: Phase Two

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This morning, for the first time since 2005, we were blessed with new images of The High Line. Coming at you now in a series of three posts, a look at what's arriving soon to West Chelsea's elevated rail tracks. Brace, as they say.

Phase Two is the highlight of today's High Line rendering release, and not just because the public has basically seen nothing from this stretch since it was wild fields. To situate you, Phase Two picks up where Phase One leaves off at 20th Street, runs straight as an arrow to 30th Street, where it turns to circle the railyards in a portion of the segment insiders like to call Phase Three. This section won't open to the public until 2009 at the earliest, but oh, is it going to be worth the wait.

Where to begin? Uh, how about with these two words: Woodland Flyover, seen above in all its insane glory. Oh, and did we mention the 26th Street viewing spur, where High Line pedestrians become commodified elements of a faux-billboard, or the 30th Street cut-out, which really has to be seen to be understood? It's all in the photogallery above, with helpful captions to aid in reading comprehension. Note that for this segment of the High Line, existing architecture hugs the rails more closely, which the architects considered in crafting the various microclimates. Function follows form, or somesuch.

Next: A special look at the unfunded, elusive, yet genius 18th Street Plaza.
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