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Ikea Buses Upset Cranky Carroll Gardeners & Cobble Hillers

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[Photo courtesy of Streets Blog]

Never mind the fears that Ikea would leave Red Hook drowning in traffic. The retailer is playing with fire because its shuttle buses are racing down and/or jamming up the streets in two of Brooklyn's most cranky enclaves: Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill. Streets Blog reports the potential for a march on the retailer with pitchforks and torches:

The residents of Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens are going nuts about the Ikea buses that have decided against Hicks and gone with Clinton as a route. The buses, every hour on the hour, seem to be trying to beat out Bonneville Salt Flats-type speed records, and [Tuesday] morning, due to construction, there was even an Ikea bus jam.Were the festivities only a week ago today?
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