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Dolly & Donald in War of Words Over $100M Sale?

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In the next few weeks, Donald Trump will sell his Palm Beach estate Maison de L'Amitie to a Russian fertilizer baron (!) for a reported $100 million, and in Max Abelson's account of the deal in this week's Observer, we couldn't help but notice that relations seem a little frosty right now between The Donald and Dolly Lenz?our nation's greatest superbroker. The Prudential Douglas Elliman vice chairman had the Trump listing at one point, but it traded hands a couple times before selling. Did the Maison de L'Amitie sour Dolly and Donald's years-long business relationship? The headline does refer to her as "spurned." Let's cut to the video tape for analysis:

How the dirty deed was done: "During a Christmastime dinner at Mr. Trump's Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, mega-broker Dolly Lenz, who reportedly did $748,319,000 in deals in 2006, four times higher than the second-biggest agent's, was sitting at a table with her daughter. Mr. Trump came over to the broker, who had been listing the $125 million estate, featuring an 18-year-old, 33,000-square-foot French Regency-style mansion. 'And I remember him saying,' Ms. Lenz said this week, 'Do you know who Cris Condon is?' And I said, 'No.' And he told me who she was, and he said, 'I think I’m going to give her a try.' Like that, the listing went from the near-omnipotent Ms. Lenz to Cristina Condon."

Analysis: At least Trump did it face-to-face, though whacking Dolly in front of her daughter seems a little cold.

Donald on Dolly: "I don't even remember that Dolly had the listing, to be honest. Considering I have a photographic memory, her offers obviously didn't have a big impact—but I like Dolly and she does other work for me—add that in!"

Analysis: KABOOM! Lame attempt at saving face aside, that's what we call throwing someone under the bus. Payback for the Observer saying Dolly is more powerful than Donald? Meow!

Dolly on Donald: After telling Abelson she brought Trump a $90 million offer that he rejected (some photographic memory!), she said, "He has his own little voice in his head, and he does what his voice in his head tells him."

Analysis: Is she calling Trump crazy? Perhaps! We all know that Dolly is certainly not afraid of confrontation, so she really could've let loose on The Donald had she wanted to. But trashing Trump would be bad for business, and good business is Dolly's, uh, business. Advantage: Dolly!
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