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Meanwhile, in Coney Island, An Average Planning Meeting

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[Photo courtesy of GerritsenBeach.Net]

Even people who don't care about whether Coney Island is turned into a shopping mall by the sea with hotels or becomes a cool amusement park, would have to be amused by last night's Performance Art Scoping Hearing. That would be Rev. Billy above, uh, testifying about the Coney Island rezoning proposal. That is not to be confused with the chants of Coney-lujah. Or the singing of "Save Coney Island" as testimony. Or the Hunger Striking Mermaid Queen's appearance in a tiara. Coney Island USA's Dick Zigun, who resigned from the Coney Island and described his objections to the new plan as follows: "“It’s FAO Schwartz with a keyboard you can dance on. It’s Radio Shack with a demonstration video game. It’s a shopping mall by other names.” A few more of these, and the Rent Guidelines Board is going to have some serious competition.
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