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Meatpacking District Will Take Out the Garbage

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To everyone who thinks the Meatpacking District is filled with trash: You don't know how right you are! Late yesterday, Mayor Bloomberg and the State Legislature finally reached an agreement to build a marine waste transfer station on the Gansevoort Peninsula, a 1.4-acre piece of land that juts out into the Hudson at the end of Gansevoort Street. This is all part of the mayor's plan to make each borough responsible for its own garbage, and this particular battle has been raging for over three years (here's an early Villager story on the subject, and the picture at right comes from another oldie). The Hudson Square garbage garage is another controversial piece of this puzzle, but the Gansevoort waste station is particularly charming because it will sit in the new Hudson River Park. But don't worry, the agreement calls for the bike and pedestrian pathways adjacent to the transfer station site to remain open during construction. Yummy! The plan still needs state approval, so the McNallys and von Furstenbergs of the neighborhood still have time to cut the appropriate checks and get this off the table.
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