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Renting at The Onyx, Things Have Gone from Black to Red

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Have tough times arrived over at The Onyx, the often-stalled 52-unit condo project at 261 West 28th Street? Perhaps the infamous credit crunch is to blame for the RENT NOW signs which have recently appeared there. It was only a year ago that the Onyx gang was partying it up, celebrating the possibility of living within that big stack of black. So, besides the general economic craziness, what's going on? Gripes from those who bought there have not gone unnoticed. Still, being a stone's throw from midtown, and with the Lincoln Tunnel so close, what could there be not to like? Those who are still interested might want to take a look at a couple of listings, the first starting just below $6K per month for something new with 1-bed 1-bath while $7K brings a 1-bed with a big spacious terrace for viewing the world below. Deals abound!
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UPDATE: Corcoran broker Joseph Bongiovanni writes: "Having sold out the Onyx Chelsea myself, I can tell you it is, in fact, sold out. A few condo owners who bought and closed are renting out their units. The 'For Rent' sign is for the commercial space. For the record, the Onyx never stalled although there was a slight delay of putting up the façade. It is an awards-winning façade designed by the highly acclaimed FXFowle."