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Curbed Poll: What's Up With These Waterfalls?

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Folks, we have now been living in the company of the NYC Waterfalls for six hours, and feedback on Olafur Eliasson's frothy foursome has been...mixed. The comments have pretty much run the gamut of emotion, from "This is the stupidest thing I've ever seen. Its some water flowing over the top of a pipe scaffold," to, uh, "Cancel my plans to Niagara Falls, y'all, cuz this is the shiznitz!!" We heard from people who complained about the underwhelming flow and the small size of the waterfalls. We heard from one Waterfall watcher who told us that it looks like River Café patrons may get a little shower if the wind deems it so. We even heard from one person who was annoyed that Bloomberg made a big deal about going to great lengths just to protect fish from harm. Yep, we've heard it all, but can we get a darn consensus, or what?