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West Village's New Trendy Hotel Has 'Gritty' Theme

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Converting run-down SROs to shmancy boutique hotels is a popular trend of late, and the various cases usually follow a similar path: boot the hobos and enlarge the rooms. But at the historic Hotel Riverview at the western end of Jane Street?now known as the Jane Hotel?neither of those things are happening. Well, not completely, anyway. Hoteliers Eric Goode and Sean MacPherson, who bought the property at 113 Jane Street and are renovating it, will begin renting rooms next week, though construction is ongoing. Due to various legal complications, many of the long-term tenants remain. But don't worry, because the scenesters who'll flock to this West Village trend center (hotspot Socialista is housed downstairs) won't actually have to come into contact with the scraggly oldtimers, right? Well, here's the thing. The rooms are still only 50-square-feet each, and the restrooms are shared. According to MacPherson, it's all part of the "gritty, old New York quality" of the hotel. The Times points out that there are 30 rooms under construction that will have private bathrooms, so fashionistas may want to opt for the Gansevoort or such until those are completed.
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