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Parts of Brooklyn Bridge Park Will Open Next Year

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There's a lot of empty space there now, and there isn't enough money to pay for the whole thing, but parts of Brooklyn Bridge Park will be open by 2009. Today's Daily News says there will be "a sloping lawn overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge," an "elaborate playground at Atlantic Ave." and "a grand public plaza at Old Fulton St." (That's a brand new rendering above.) Come 2012 there will be "a 30-foot wide greenway from Old Fulton St. to Atlantic Ave." and other completed segments. The estimated park cost was $150 million when it was announced in 2002, but the cost has doubled since then. The park has been more controversial than others because of the 1,200 condos planned to finance it (like this guy right here). Some Destructoporn of its current state coming up later today.
· Work to start, but funds still short for Brooklyn Bridge Park [NYDN]

Brooklyn Bridge Park - Pier 6

Pier 6, Brooklyn, NY 11201