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Dwell on Wall, But Not Quite Yet

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Philippe Starck's luxury rental building at 95 Wall Street, a former office building where 1BR apartments now fetch nearly $4000/month, is almost ready for its first residents. The key word being almost, because Dwell on Wall appears to be delayed on Wall. Writes a Curbed tipter:

The new FiDi apartment building Dwell on Wall at 95 Wall St. was signing leases for July 1 move in dates. Now they are saying July 15 is the earliest that people will be able to move in. Apparently they are trying to get people temporary housing. It seems that the reason why they are having to push back move-ins is because they failed the fire inspection. There is a certain contractor out there with a special license needed to approve them, and he is booked until July 7. The job will take a week, and then I guess they need to get inspected again and pass before they can turn on gas.

What, did that mischievous beaver gnaw through some wiring or something?
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